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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adopt A Pig! Pre-Order Now!

For those lovely individuals that missed out on announcement earlier this week, pre-orders are live! Yes, you now have the ability to throw your hard earned money at us. Every last dollar, euro, pound, yen, Nexon points, franc, ruble, rupee, Facebook credits, krona, peso, and; if we it were the 8th century, women. Yes we are willing to take almost all the above as proper currency for pre-orders.

We also wanted to commemorate those who have already pre-ordered their copy with absolutely no information on what they were buying (for all you knew you could have just bought chicken pin-up wallpaper).

Seriously, if we saw this game and had no idea what our hard earned capital was going to purchase, there was no way you could have convinced us to buy it. So Congratulations to those three guys that pre-ordered our game! We whipped up this video showing our gratitude and appreciation.

And since we don't have a proper pre-order trailer this will also double as one also.

We really wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for putting such blind trust in us. And considering we aren't immune to corporate greed that's a HUGE step to take.

As for all the normal people I suppose now is a better time then ever to really talk about the game. So hop on board the imagination-train and we'll enter some alternative universe where you've never heard of the game before (and for those that really have never heard of the game that just makes our jobs easier).


Survivors of Ragnarok

Survivors of Ragnarok is a city-building-management-survival game inspired by Dwarf Fortress.


Lead your company of dwarfs into high mountain passes, deep into dangerous forests, scorching deserts, and into the dark underbelly of the earth and back.

Raiders of Ragnarok

It's adventure mode with a cooler name. Reclaim your fortress, venture into the wilderness, explore other settlements, and delve into depe dungeons in search of rare and valuable artifacts in THE BEST rogue-like-platformer-rpg yet to be made.

Unique and Quirky Creatures

Encounter Bizarre and dangerous creatures from dwarf-eating-tiger-snails, flying pigs, bishop-fishes, and Chickthulhu (100% our idea and totally not suggested by an annoying community member named Thoktaz).

Yeah we know, it's awesome.

Gotta Catch 'em All!

Unlock dozens of unique dwarfs only to die by your hands moments later.




Single Player Campaign

With all the dry humor, charm, wit, and satire you've come to expect from us bundled in an epic historically accurate retelling of the events after everyone's favorite end of the world scenario (next to the zombie-apocalypse, but trust me we have that covered). Expect to be taking part in such epic and grand historical battles such as the Battle of Basing and the Battle of Svolder.

Bellow we have provided a historically accurate depiction of the Battle of Clontarf on April 23, 1024 (your gonna have to trust us on this one guys, it's legit).

Beautiful Hand-Drawn Pixel Art

Now this might just be our personal bias, but we believe we have some pretty sweet pixel art. Each and every pixel lovingly hand-drawn and animated frame by frame.


Adopt A Pig!

Now that you guys have know what your getting yourself into, let's see what your hard earned cash can get you. For the price of a cup of coffee, a meal at McDonalds, toe socks, five dollar subway sandwich, five things from the dollar store, two gallons of milk, or about $1.25 a week for a month you can adopt a pig AND pre-order our game.

Hows that for killing two birds with one stone? You get THE BEST city-building-management-survival-chicken simulator and now you don't have to go to the market this weekend and barter 2 sacks of hay and a dozen chicken eggs in exchange for a pig.

I would say that's a win/win situation if I ever seen one.

Desura Digital Distribution

Settlers Edition 14.99 $5.09
  • Survivors of Ragnarok
  • Special Edition "Survivors" Dwarf Skin
  • Wallpaper
  • Avatars
  • Loki's Compendium of Dangerous and Deadly Creatures (Digital Artbook)
  • Settlers Forum Rank
  • Survivors of Ragnarok Soundtrack
  • Our Lifelong Gratitude
  • The warm fuzzy feeling you get for supporting an Indie Development.

All of which will be slowly available with each new update. Also for those of you that feeling like paying way more then everyone else we whipped up the Valkyrie Edition. We will only be selling a limited amount of copies of the Valkyrie Edition.

Desura Digital Distribution

Valkyrie Edition $49.99
  • Survivors of Ragnarok
  • Special Edition "Survivors" and "Chicken Slayer" Dwarf Skin
  • Wallpapers
  • Avatars
  • Loki's Compendium of Dangerous and Deadly Creatures (Digital Artbook)
  • "The Road to Valhalla" (The Making of eBook)
  • Valkyrie Forum Rank
  • Named Forged in the Halls of Valhalla (Credits)
  • Survivors of Ragnarok Soundtrack
  • Eternal Gratitude
  • The LEGENDARY feeling when we ruled the world your name is on the credits of our first game and that you paid WAY WAY WAY more then everyone else.
So what's the plans for the Chicken Edition? Well we will continue support of the Chicken Edition until beta. Our plans were to have the majority of the gameplay mechanics set in alpha while we spent the beta period fixing bugs and doing content updates.

We also want to reward those who pre-ordered with the latest build to play of our game. The Chicken Edition will be an update behind the Settlers and Valkyrie Edition.

And yes for those fruits and flightless birds out there, we don't like to discriminate. Survivors of Ragnarok will be available for apples and penguins.

Finally we would like to end this epic news post with the triumphant return of Dwarven Parenting. We hope everyone's enjoyed this update and don't forget to adopt your pig today!

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