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Friday, July 29, 2011

Breaking The Silence

About damn time those guys at French Rice Games made a proper news post about the development of their bloody game! Those guys not giving a single word of what they have been doing, being out for so long. I bet they did very little work on Survivors of Ragnarok since our last update. They probably have been on vacation taking advantage of Valve's Steam sales and playing video games nonstop for the better part of the past month.

Yes a small degree of procrastination was involved. To be fair however we have been participating in some Summer Camp activities...

Regardless it's back to the good old bi-weekly updates. So what have we done since Alpha 7?

-Added an installer for SoR (unfortunately right now it's windows based but plans are in way for mac and Linux).
-Added OpenAL support. We are now fully ready for both sound effects and music.
-Added a few placeholder sound effects.
-Added a new crafting table.
-Added a new item:
-Wooden Planks (crafted from lumber)
-Fixed (hopefully) the freezing issue with dwarfs sleeping.

*8.0.1 Bugfix
-Fixed a bug with the inventory.




We ended our last post with a Starcraft 2 Give-Away before we went on a gamer vacation. There have been many quality entries have been submitted and it was VERY difficult to choose the winner.

In fact we wanted to share many of the entries since we've had many amazing submissions entered for this contest. If anyone has any objections to presenting their submissions in public please send us an email as we will be showing off our Starcraft 2 submissions within the coming weeks.
Congradulations to Mathieu De Coster and his epic poem. It's one thing to entertain us (which in all actuality is not a very difficult feat), it is however impressive to craft a poem that rhymes and tells a story!

Mathie De Coster:
A dwarf once entered a strange realm
Wearing nothing but a helm
He could not see or spot a thing
Except some sort of fairy ring  
Our friend trod careful closer, but
Only found a cashew nut
He ate it with much pleasure, when
He suddenly saw a cattle pen  

There were no cows
Nor calfs or bulls
There were but elev’n animals  

Our dwarf found there
A goat and chicksHe built a house and stayed with them.

To wrap up this very very overdue review we'll end it with a user request. The Real Vivle requested we present his entry even if he didn't win.

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