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Monday, January 2, 2012

Survivors of Ragnarök - The Year of the Dragon

Happy New Years Everyone!

With one year over we have a brand new year to fill with shenanigans a plenty, a healthy dose of mead, and elf jokes. So What better way to start off the new year then with a new update for SoR!

If you want us to sum up the change log in one sentence, you can now import your SoR save games into RoR. Pretty neat eh?

-Added We're introducing a preloader to allow for changes to the resolution. #SOR #ROR

-Added New mob "Scarecrow".
-Added New tile "Winter Grass".
-Added New consumable "Snowman".
-Added New Area "Winter Field".
-Added New ambient music.
-Added Survivors of Rangarok has Save support for Tiles, but is not complete.

-Added Raiders of Ragnarok maps have Save/Load features.
-Added Partial support for loading Survivors of Ragnarok maps in Raiders mode.

-Dwarven Parenting "Skyrim"
-Dwarven Parenting "Meanwhile"
-Alpha 13 Splash Screen
-Raiders of Ragnarok Splash Screen (Alpha 13.5)
-Alpha 14RoR Splash Screen
-Alpha 14SoR Splash Screen

Of course what would a new year be without a fresh batch of new Dwarven Parenting shorts. You may see an accident but we smell murder. We have our money on a boy and his tiger but that's just us.

Before we go full throttle with this new year everyone has one last chance to adopt a wonderful, squishable, and adorable piggy.

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