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Monday, October 24, 2011

Survivors of Ragnarök - Red Letter Day (Alpha 12)

It's been far to long since we've had a chance to talk. We've gone through hell and back to work on this update. Fighting off ninjas, addiction to Minecraft, fighting through zombies, becoming zombies, being human, and the ongoing battle against the urges of playing Dungeon Defenders.

Fortunately for us, we run on Valve time, so thankfully we got this update earlier then usual for you guys. Unfortunately for us however, zombies and ninjas use the silly standard global measurement of time.

-Added New mob "Goblin"
-Added Aggressive mob AI.
-Added New mob "Goblin", be prepared to fight them off or have your dwarfs die.
-Added System for randomizing sounds for greater variety.
-Added New Sounds for Chickens.
-Added New Sounds for walking/moving.
-Added New Consumable “Pumpkin”, Happy Halloween!
-Changed The Tab key will now open a temporary text stat screen.
-Changed The F5 key will reset your map in Survival mode.
-Fixed Some animation issues, more of these to come.

*For parents of piggies or space marines* (or both)
-New Design Documents Collision
-New Design Document Resource Gathering
-New Artwork Chickenpocalypse
-New Artwork Classy
-Added Splash Screen Artwork
-Survivors of Ragnarok Minecraft Skins

As with every release we've ever had, a plethora of bugs plague this long overdue release. Let's also not forget what would a numbered Alpha release be without some dwarf humor.

If you still haven't adopted your pig now would be a better time then any. Considering we aren't immune to greed now would be the perfect opportunity to grab a pig today.

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