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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Piggy & You

NOTE: There is currently a crash which can occur after 10minutes for some people. We plan on having a fix tomorrow. If your game folder is not writeable, the game may not run. To fix this you either need to manually make the folder writeable, or uninstall then reinstall using Desura

In retrospect, we probably should have made a FAQ, because it seems like quite a lot of people were willing to adopt a pig. It also seems like a lot of people didn't know how to take care of one.... So I present to you:

Where can I adopt a Piggy?
Desura Digital Distribution

Can I adopt a Piggy on Steam?
Not right now, no. We want everyone to be able to adopt pigs from their favorite shelter. We would also like to have those who purchased on Desura, to have a Steam copy as well. You can trust we will work our hardest to make that happen.

Are penguins and apples allowed?
Yes of course, all manner of flightless birds and fruits are always welcomed.

When is the Mac and Linux build coming out?While we don't have an exact schedule, we can however send anyone who has pre-ordered a custom build for Mac and Linux, whenever a new build is available. You'll need to register your Desura account with your forum name.

How do I register your Desura account with your forum name?

Is the game being released today, tomorrow, the next day, the day after, next week, sometime this month, next month?

When is the game going to be released?
Our plans are to implement as much of the core game-play mechanics for our Alpha Build as we can. Once we have the basic gameplay done, we would spend the Beta period on any additional tweaks and content updates until we feel like there is enough to warrant a full release.

Are there plans for post support?
Yes we are a very community driven company. There are plans for mod support very early in development as well *gasp* FREE post release updates.

What is the Chicken Edition?
It is our free edition that will continue to be supported and updated up until beta. The chicken updates will be a couple builds behind those who have pre-ordered the game.

I pre-ordered the settlers edition, can I still pre-order the Valkyrie?
Yes, and in fact we will give you two copies to give away to a friend (or friends).

Yes, unfortunately we have the worst kind of DRM. Constant content updates.

How often is a new build available?
New builds will be available for those who have pre-ordered once every two weeks. Each update will not only contain bug fixes but also content with each release.

Will this game have multiplayer support?
We would very much like to have support, however we have our hands full with what we are working on so far. But believe us, we want nothing more than a fun, creative and unique multiplayer experience. There is a 90% chance that will happen.

For those gorgeous, beautiful, and sexy people who pre-ordered our game, Alpha 10 should be live for you incredibly handsome men and foxy women. So it would only be fitting to show off one of our prettiest features for Alpha 10.

Alpha 9

Alpha 10

If you couldn't tell the difference between the two the sky is different shade of blue in the first one. If that isn't enough to warrant a full update here's the full change log.

Alpha 10

  • Changed Converted the engine to OpenGL from awt/Swing.
  • Changed Controls for moving arround the map changed to WASD from the arrow keys.
  • Changed Chickens now also drop feathers.
  • Changed Starting items in survival mode. You now only recieve 5 ladders, 5 water tiles, and 3 pieces of meat.
  • Fixed The Tree sprite is now properly sized for the highlight sprite
  • Fixed The consumable icons are now properly represented.
  • Added New mob: The Pig!
  • Added New terrain generation code for flat areas.
  • Added Sound effects for chickens.
  • Added Title screen music.
  • Added New effect: falling feathers
  • Added New item: feathers.
  • Added New crafting recipes for sticks, ladders, and beds.
  • Added "Goodies" including exclusive artwork; Trex4Lunch, FAQ & Field Guide To Surviving Ragnarok, and Design Docs: Jobs and Stats, Multiple Selection, Old Design Docs, and Stats & Stuff. *Pre-Order Only
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