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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Survivors of Ragnarök - Now With Naked Mobs! (Alpha 11)

Cool thing about code, trying to explain how something works versus making it work in code are COMPLETELY different. We were able to push out a pretty decent update for you guys with new mobs, new features, bug fixes, and some awesome goodies for those who have pre-ordered.

We are still in need of implementing task canceling; which logically would seem to be a pretty easy task but when it comes to computer logic isn't so much; and clean up the way the new multi-select UI works. But hey, that's what patches and updates are for.

-Added New mob "Chicken Shaman"
-Added New mob "Sheep"z
-Added New mob "Naked Sheep"
-Added Zombie chickens to Survival mode.
-Added New item "Wool"
-Added New UI element "The Actionbar"
-Changed Right clicking to destroy a block or attack a creature now opens up a menu that allows you to choose what objective you want.
-We actually tested this build and fixed another memory leak.

*For parents of piggies or space marines* (or both)
-Bestiary; for all your monster compendium needs.
-Original Art inspired by Limbo
-Dwarven Parenting Comics (Yes I realized it is misspelled as 'Dawrven' Parenting in the actual files)
-Activity Zones Design Doc

What should be exciting news for everyone (or maybe just us) is that aggressive mobs will be implemented next update! All manner of Orcs, Goblins, Skellies, and Zombies can and will be a very real threat to your beloved chick-er... dwarfs. And all the fun that dying entails; losing for example (which might I add is ALWAYS fun).

Speaking of fun, we had two fantastic interviews with James Attards from Indie Game Magazine and Pride St. Clair over at PikiGeek! Well to be fair we can't attest if it was enjoyable for them but we certainly had a good time. We would highly suggest you guys check out the interview which we conveniently added a link below. However if you want to check out the IndieGameMagazine interview you will need to be a subscriber, which I would urge everyone to do and support the fantastic staff and writers over at IndieGameMagazine.

Here are some great highlights from the interview.

PikiGeek: What drove you to pursue a career in game design?
FrenchRiceGames: We all played Call of Duty 4 on our Xbox and have since played every Call of Duty since then. We have played almost six whole games since we started. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty: Black Ops are our top four games of all time.For all those wonderful Chicken Edition folks Alpha 10 (the one without the wonderful memory leak) should be up for you guys to test.

IndieGameMgazine:How many people are actually working on Survivors of Ragnarok?

FrenchRiceGames:There are three people actively working on Survivors of Ragnarok. We have a fantastic code monkey we found deep in the Amazon rainforest, we named him Garrett. Ugurcan Orcun, our incredibly talented bard. We unfortunately found him in a Turkish pub singing songs about elves. We fixed that problem fairly quickly. Finally we have myself, Genel Jumalon. By day I do all the artwork for the game, and by night I am the company Ninja.

Finally of course, it wouldn't be new build without ending the news post with good old Dwarven Parenting.

We still have plenty of pigs that need adopting so now would be great time to adopt one and check out Alpha 11.

Desura Digital Distribution

If of course you are an incredibly awesome person that wants intergalactic-space-marines to beam down and grant us gifts of chicken and bacon, adopt your very own space marine today! Trust us we would be eternally grateful you did.

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