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Sunday, August 28, 2011

WARNING! Informative News Post Ahead

Here at French Rice Games we pride ourselves in developing THE BEST city-building-survival-management chicken simulator in the world. However it has come to our attention that we rarely post anything informative about Survivors of Ragnarok. 99.9% of the time our posts have been about bad puns, lame jokes, or our monthly post simply stating how awesome our chickens are.

So we decided as our first true corporate decision for world domination we would take more time to do some truly informative news post. We have 100% trust in our CEO and self-appointed ruler of the world that this is the best course of action to take to world domination.

So please, enjoy this slightly more informative then usual post about features to expect from Survivors of Ragnarok.

Multiple Selection

One problematic issue that arises is how the game handles multiple objects on a single tile. Each tile is broken up into 3 categories; buildings, consumables, and combat.

When multiple tasks are assigned Dwarfs complete them based on priority. The highest priority action for a dwarf is combat, followed by consumables, and finally buildings.

When a tile has multiple objects in a single category the bottom interface changes and each object is grouped in the appropriate category.

And yes this means that good old Dwarf Fortress stockpiling will be implemented.

Jobs and Stats

Implementing a proper UI to effectively display jobs and stats presents some interesting challenges. You need to balance aesthetics with a functional design while constantly fighting the temptation to simply make a spreadsheet.

Health and Energy

The red bar represents how much health a dwarf has (pretty self-explanatory what health is). The yellow bar represents energy; the amount of tasks a dwarf can complete.


All dwarfs have three main Needs, thirst, hunger, and sleep. Each with a degenerating state; Satisfied, desires, and needs.

Trades and Professions

Trades and Professions

All professions are categorized into trades; labor, construction, academics, arts, and combat.

When a trade is selected it will display all the available jobs within the selected trade.
The top icons represents the professions; Woodcutting, mining, farming, and fishing (its suppose to be a piece of cut salmon OKAY! some of the icons need to be reworked).

The bottom icons represents what skill level each profession is and the bar to the right represents the progress in leveling the profession skill level.

Novice, Proficient, Skilled, Expert, Master, Legendary

A dwarf may have more then one job active at a time. However taking more then one job inhibits the leveling progression of both jobs.

A dwarf that has one job has 100% leveling progression, if he takes two jobs the progress for both is 50%, 3 jobs the progress for both is 33%, etc.

There is still a lot of features in terms of UI let alone game-play elements that need implementing
. As well as many features we want to share but aren't yet ready to (like that icon that looks like an M for instance). We can't wait to share more features and plans we have for Survivors of Ragnarok as we get further into development.

I mean, I'm sure I can give a whole in-depth article about our randomly generated caves, tombs, and dungeons and the types of creatures you can expect to see populating these dark dangerous areas. However it has little to no substance when we don't even have a proper dwarf inventory implemented yet.

Oh yeah for those who haven't heard the news yet; Dual wielding shields confirmed.

We hope you guys check out Alpha 10 when it comes out, and we hope you guys continue to support us when pre-orders are available. Kay, turns out pre-orders are available already, we'll have a proper news post about what to expect later this week. So here is a pig.

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