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Friday, August 19, 2011

3x3 = 9

It turns out we're pretty bad at trying to get our game to work with outside API's. For the last couple days we've been sitting on Alpha 9 working on getting our Public Alpha's to be released on Desura. Unfortunately we fail at making the game work with the system. Fortunately the guys at Desura are vastly more intelligent and savvy then we could ever be and have helped us out tremendously.

Well after days of pain-staking work and bug fixes we have a combat system implement. It's fairly basic at the moment and we still haven't set up a dwarf inventory (you guys are stuck with duel wielding dwarf until next update) but it gets the job done in terms of slaughtering countless hordes of cute chickens.


Alpha 9 updates
-Added combat system.
-Added combat animations for dwarf.
-Added support for .OGG files.
-Changed chickens now spawn in survival mode.
-Changed right-clicking chickens will have them get hunted by a "hunter" dwarf.
*9.01 Update
 -Added red haired dwarf.
 -Added chicken falling animation.
 -Added new icons for lumber and planks. 

Things to implement:

A classier way of highlighting mobs that are targeted. As of this current build, when a mob is targeted to be attacked it uses the same red opaque tile that we use for deleting blocks. What we need to implement is something a little much more aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately we wish we had the creativity and skills needed to show such a concept. All we have is a chicken with some sort of sword that seems to defy the laws of physics above it.

It's a shame that we can't even apply simple physics on objects like swords in our game.

While we are on the subject of aesthetically pleasing things we need to give our trees the same treatment.

Dwarven Inventory.

Finally we really need to start implementing some small UI features that we've been holding off on for the greater sake and excuse of spending our resources on much more important features. (I believe we are long overdue for a system to cancel tasks issued by the player)

These are just some things for us to think of going into our next update, as well as some things to look forward to.

Because we still haven't run out of these things here's some more Starcraft 2 Contest entries to for you guys to enjoy. This is by Pascal Hoogt with some great mock-ups of a dwarven abode.

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