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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Meet the Team" Kabraxis

I'm sure you guys are fairly familiar with Garrett and myself by now. Garrett our smart, sexy, savvy code monkey that works magic with keyboard strokes. This Genel Jumalon guy that goes under the alias of Tastyrice who makes chickens. Finally we have some guy that does the music.

Well it's about time we shed some light on our epic bard and his tales of courage and fortitude against thousands of man eating chickens.

Meet the Bard

Name: Ugurcan "Kabraxis" Orcun. People often know me by my nickname :)

Age: 22

From: Izmir / Turkey.

Experience with game industry: Playing games since '97 and interested with Industry itself since 2003. Worked on an AAA title game, and few little Indie games.

Random Chicken Fact: Chickens can be distinguished by their sounds.

Musical Direction: Since game itself is influenced from north European myths, I'm aiming for European-folk tunes. But also I want it to be somewhat unique. So I'm trying to use lesser-known instruments with light orchestral themes, for in-game music.

Inspirations: Tough question. I love to listen every kind of World music, those are my primary inspirations. I also enjoy to listen post-rock, down tempo, dark industrial, acid-jazz, and blues-rock. And many Video Game music composers, including but not only, Paul Romero, Jeremy Soule, Mark Morgan and Matt Uelmen are inspired me to go ahead with composing.

How would I survive the Ragnarok: I think Ive learned some survival tips from video games, like using a med-kit and finding lots of ammo before boss fights. I hope those work properly.

Closing Chicken Comments: I'm eager to see the Cook dwarf makes some chicken fries.


Kabraxis has done a fantastic job being our Audio Designer at French Rice games. If you guys have not checked out our almost finished Survivor's of Ragnarok theme yet I highly suggest you do so. We conveniently embedded the theme below.

Almost Finished Survivors of Ragnarök Theme by Kabraxis

Those of you lucky to catch our live stream earlier this week you were treated to me working on battle animations while Garrett had a chance to talk about combat in depth. We hope our community enjoyed that little bit of insight into our development workflow. Make sure you guys keep an eye out on next week's post as we will be revealing more detail about our combat system.

We'll end this weeks news post with more Starcraft 2 Contest entries. This entry was submitted by "Vm Yopopo" with his take of our Dwarven "Inspirational" posters.

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