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Monday, August 8, 2011

Preparing For War (Mini Update)

I figured I would take a break from our usual elaborate and whimsical posts to bring you guys a quick little peak of some animations I've been working on all week. Don't worry though, we will have our usual lavish news posts later this week along with a sexy new build for you guys to get your hands on.

While it's lacking in chicken puns and fowl jokes (see what I did there?), it should hopefully be eye candy for many of you. For the minority that does not see why combat animation of cute little dwarf dual wield swords is not aesthetically pleasing I can assure you that you are either blind or enraged that the receiving end could potentially be a chicken.

So here is another entertaining Starcraft 2 entry by Carter Ellsworth for those few that did not enjoy the above animations.

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