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Friday, February 10, 2012

Survivors of Ragnarök - Love Is In The Air

Even Ragnarok cannot impede on Freyja filling the air with love and affection. Everywhere we go we can’t help but feel delighted, with a certain goo-goo-ga-ga absent-mindedness filter on life. Hell even Hel herself can’t feel all this sentimental rubbish (Word is she’s actually decorated her realm this year).

Naturally it’s only Civic Duty on our part to celebrate this wonderful holiday with our community. Who are either feeling goo-goo-ga-ga themselves over a special someone themselves or looking to send the perfect stalker note. Either or is acceptable in our books.

Oh and just to clear up all the wonderful confusion(And believe you me I do love confusion) there is absolutely nothing different between the pre-ordering from the Dragon Slaying Kit or the Dragon Capture Kit. Simple aesthetic differences to the new pre-order buttons. Also we are secretly tracking the links through Google Analytics and seeing whether Dragon Slaying or Dragon Capturing is more popular for our own personal enjoyment.

Desura Digital DistributionDesura Digital Distribution

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