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Monday, December 12, 2011

Survivors of Ragnarök - Who The Hell Do You Think We Are!?

So yeah.... that evil overlord thingy maaaaaybe our fault, but we can explain! Well you see...

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there once was lived a vile and malice being known as AAA. His one purpose was to seek the complete and absolute destruction of Survivors of Ragnarok. Before he could fulfill his grim life's calling a mighty and valiant hero known as Chuck Norris came to battle the beast.

Legend has it this battle between these two titans was so epic it broke the space-time-continuum and tore a whole through space and... er... time. Although we aren't theoretically physicist, so take what we say about space and time with a grain of salt. Unfortunately for both of them they were never heard from again (we assumed Chuckie won that fight).

The End.

Well... it looks like AAA has come back through from space and time and now seeks his revenge on ALL of indie gaming. Well what's the point of an epic spiteful villain intent on destroying all of indie gaming as we know it without an equally epic fight?

We want to show AAA the indie scene IS a big deal. We need to show him that we have more innovation in a single pixel then most triple A titles have in a whole game. That WE are the ones pushing gaming forward and pushing this medium forward! We need everyone this year to vote! I don't care if you vote for Project ZomboidTownsMinecraft, or McPixel we want you to cast as many votes as possible and show AAA that we aren't just a plankton being carried off by the current, but a whale traversing through the sea.

We need anyone and everyone to vote in this years award and show AAA how much of an impact we make on the gaming industry. A great man once told me, 'It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum.... and I'm all outta gum'. Well Mr. Nukem, so are we... so are we.

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