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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starcraft 2 Give-Away... and Sound Stuff

After a long week of work Garrett has fully implemented OpenAL to our engine. What does this mean you say? We finally can start adding music and sound effects. Within the next couple weeks Garrett and myself will be working tireless to implement a plethora of new features into Survivors of Ragnarok more rapidly then ever.

Garrett has already started work on a crafting system and I have been working to animate our first aggressive mob into the game. We can't wait to have these features added in our future builds and can't wait to tell you what we have in store for the future of Survivors of Ragnarok.

While we can't discuss anything at the moment we wanted to let the community know that we are excited to share our vision of the game fairly soon. Details about the game world, gameplay, combat, etc. will all be explained in full detail this month.

In terms of music and audio we are working with a VERY talented Audio Designer. He has been working in the background with us to create what we feel are some truly awesome pieces of work. We wanted to share a little sample of our menu screen music for Survivors of Ragnarok.

Videos & Audio - Survivors of Ragnarök Game - Indie DB

Also, to my knowledge this bit of news hasn't been officially formalized in any news article. We have a Survivors of Ragnarok Website with all the latest news and developer banter that you can't find anywhere else.

The site get's updated on a weekly basis so be sure to check it out! HUGE thanks Joeyslucky22 for holding our domain name hostage while we were busy making silly pixel doodles and just typing random characters into an IDE. He gladly traded the domain name for 10 chickens and a goat. Little did he realize that we were willing to go as high as 3 goats and 20 chickens. How foolish of him.

We wanted to remind our community of our Starcraft 2 give-away. We have two copies of Starcraft 2 given to us by our good friend Thelordofpi. In order to win all you that is required is something creative, whether it be a ballad of the Norse gods sung in the fiery depths of a Volcano or a funny comic. The entry that really stands out by either making us think, laugh, or cry will win themselves a copy of Starcraft 2. Submit all entries at:

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