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Friday, December 3, 2010

Making Things Go Boom!

Look at that, seems like we are in the Top 100.  We really want to thank you guys for all your support. There are plans to do something special for the community for helping us get to the Top 100. Keep an eye sometime within the next couple days for a news post on that. We couldn't have done it without you, literally. All the positive feedback we have been receiving is what keeps us working through the late hours of the night to make a game for you guys.

First off, we have some exciting technical news to share. Our programmer, Garrett Colas, has managed to make some huge progress in coding for our game.  After more then three weeks of work we finally have path-finding working. Path-finding is a huge step for us and we are very happy to have it fully functional.

Now for the fun stuff. Now that we are in the Top 100, we now need to work 5 times as hard to earn every single vote we get. Getting to the Top 100 was one thing, trying to win best upcoming indie game is a whole different league. We are not going to be playing with blocks to try and make you guys a tower again. No things are much more serious now. It's time to find a way to blow things up.

This isn't playtime anymore, it's business.

Name: AAA
Gender: Unknown (Probably Male)
Origin: Unknown (Probably Hell)
Age: Unknown (Probably 28)

There are two things certain however. AAA's appearance came shortly after the the Top 100 have been announced and that AAA wishes to 404 our game off the face of the internet!

This is a call to arms men (and women)! We need your help to stop AAA from the complete destruction of our game!

[center]THE MISSION:[/center]
We need the creative collective of the community to to help us find a way to destroy him before he eradicates us. Giant robot, Godzilla, army of jet-pack monkeys, your imagination is your only limit. We will be running all submissions through the Request-bot and you guys are in charge of voting for the one that will obliterate him to the 3rd dimension.

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